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Since the P-51 started shipping to dealers today and some will get them as soon as tomorrow I figured I would post a little mod I did to the P-51.

The really nice thing about this airframe is once the decal is removed from the side of the fuselage, you are left with a very generic P-51. All silver with a yellow rudder and the green anti-glare in front of the cockpit. There are TONS of alternate schemes that can be put on this P-51, or you can take it a little further as I did.

I took a 3-view of both a P-51B and D model and scaled them to the size of the Ultra Micro P-51. I overlayed the two drawings to see what I needed to add and what to cut away. I used blue foam for the turtledeck and shaped with 120 grit sandpaper then used fine 400-600 grit for final sanding.

I made a balsa block mold for the canopy and used an oven to heat the stove and "plunged" the soft plastic over the balsa mold. I then trimmed to fit on the fuselage and added silver pinstriping tape for the canopy frame. I repainted the fuselage of the plane with chrome silver Tamiya acrylic paint and repainted the nose and the anti-glare in front of the canopy.

I made gear doors out of random plastic I had laying around, painted them and just glued them to the wire gear legs. I added a 1/2 cockpit with seat and the boxes behind the seat out of 1mm depron. I printed out a photo of a P-51 insturment panel and glued in the plane.

There are still a few things to finish such as the letters on either side of the star and bar on the fuselage, add noseart, and make a pilot figure, but it looks fantastic in the air. I might even add panel lines on the wing.

I finished the plane in the 354th fighter group that was the first in the U.S. Army Air Forces to take the Merlin-powered P-51B Mustang into combat. Their record during the war was unmatched. Flying 1,834 missions, the 354th produced 41 aces - the highest number of any American unit in the ETO - and destroyed 701 German aircraft, making the 354th the highest-scoring USAAF unit of World War II for air-to-air victories.

We imagine there will be many repaints of this plane once it gets into your hands.


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