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Originally Posted by c/f
aprreciate the input, the only thing I change is the battery, which was the odd thing to me how it could act so strange.

The TB54 does struggle to get to full rpms on any battery without slowly ramping up in small increments, to soon and it shut downs, so the governing effect with the TP pack must be this same thing with a different result, I will soon be switching to the ICE lineup with more detailed recordinging of data possible.


I wonder if you are hitting the current limit earlier with the TP battery. Recall that 50A at 75% throttle is actually pulling ~67 A instantaneous (and giving you 30% more heating than an average 50A current would give).

So in this scenario, the other batteries are pulling less current at 75% throttle (75% just chosen to make a concrete example), and that allows you to creep up to WOT. The TP could already be way over the limit.

Just a WAG!
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