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All, version 7.95 is now posted. It fixes the potential issue during first application installation that webdr hit, and (probably more interestingly) the RSSI is now calibrated as a percentage.

To use the calibration, just do the following:

1) Make sure you are displaying Temp 1 (or is it called Temp A?) on the screen, via the OSD Pro PC setup utility. I personally set the text value to "Sig" to make it easy to identify what it is.
2) Make sure you have connected your Rx's RSSI output to the eLogger's Temp 1 middle pin.
2) Run the safety mode wizard again, after installing 7.95 and updating your OSD Pro firmware. Note that the wizard now automatically records the "min" RSSI value when you turn off your TX during the wizard, and also records the "max" RSSI value when you turn the TX back on. It's ok if "min" is greater than "max".
3) make sure you have set the "use Temp A as RSSI" in the "Sensors..." onscreen menu.
4) regardless of whether your RSSI output increases or decreases with signal strength, "100ish" should be displayed when your RX is near your TX, and "0ish" or "*" should be displayed when your Tx is turned off, and the values in between should be correlate with the RSSI output voltage.

npole/Charl, I have added that to the feature list. But, note that NTSC vs PAL is automatically detected, based on what the camera is outputting. So, the new setting will simply force "NTSC" screen layout, i.e., reducing the # of displayed lines, or vice versa. We should probably call this setting something other than NTSC/PAL, since that is determined by the camera's output.

Jhondra, I love solving the "corner cases" like those.

nrg2go, I emailed Acme (the folks who make the FC03) a while back, about the potential of integrating it with the OSD Pro, but did not hear back from them. Please send them an email if you want to, since you are their customer.

kreu01, I seriously doubt if the Skytrace software is compatible with the eLogger, or vice versa.


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