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Not really Phil, With a Korean made 40C 2300 3s the watt meter using the TB54 is showing: 62amps, 11.1VDC, 680watts and running strong with ear peircing rpms.

With a ThunderPower 45C 2250 3s new from IRCHA, it will only pull 50 amps, 11.6VDC
580watts and the RPMS are noticably down.

Using the same batteries in another model same motor and differant ESC Hobbywing Platinum 60, the Korean 40C is same as the TB54, 62amps, 11.1 VDC, 680 watts.

Using the ThunderPower 45C it ran it up to 58amps, 10.9VDC, 600 watts.

It was producing less numbers than the Korean 40C.

So I am wondering what is the laws of electronics we are dealing with here. Is it internal resistance of batteries in play or is it limitations of ESC components? or what?
I think theres something to learn in this experiment that may be usefull to understand.

Phil the motor in play here is the Micro Dan Velocity 4800KV with a 4.1X4.1 APC if you care to experiment. The new ICE controllers show promising results equal to the newer platinum series Hobbywing ESC with faster processor speeds to track rpms better.

Dan says he thinks the motor can handle 800watts but we have had no ESC to handle rpms at these amps on 3s till recently. Going to max it out, Are you going to be at the Tolluhoma electric event??? If so come see how a motor performs on a real teststand.....
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