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Weird motor/ESC response to differant batteries.

I have a MicroDan Velocity motor which is basically a 600watt 33gram motor I run a APC 4.1X4.1 prop. I use a ThunderBird 54 esc.

Statically this little beast needs 60 amps of 3s power to produce 600 watts..

The weird thing is I have been using Korean cells of 2300-2500 MAH at 20C 30C,40C in the past year to feed this little monster, volts stay around 11VDC WOT.

I had a chance to try out a 2250 45C ThunderPower on this setup and it would peak out at 50 amps with volts of 11.5VDC and acted as if the ESC had a rpm governor.

We then tried a differant ESC and it did work and proved to be of lesser volts under load. Not impressed......

What was going on with the TB54 to act up strange on the TP 3s 45C pack that it would not supply the 60+ amps?
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