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Re: Re: F5F on the cheap

Originally posted by WimH

Start with an Aeronaut 14*10 prop and work your way up. If not flying competition, try7/8/9 cells. Bear in mind there's not all that much difference in performance between an 80A and a 120A setup. But the 120A or more will demand the best cells. If I were you, and not flying competition, I'd use 7 GP3300 or GP3000 cells, shoot for about 80-100A (adjust with prop, again; there's not that much difference between 14 and 18 inch props ( in F5F the best are using 17*18 by the way), it's much more important to have one that suits the plane and your flying style.

Wim ( who just totalled his prebroken/fixed Surprise 7 in this weekends comp on lap 22)
you say some interesting things here Wim,

1. Not that much difference in 80a and 120a? Is that really true?

2. And when you say there is no differnce in props, you have to explain that better... there is a differnce in going from a 13x7 to a 14x9.5 so going to 18" should be even better.

3. Lastly what happened whith your pre damaged s7? What was the damage? How did you repair it? etc...


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