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Re: F5F on the cheap

Originally posted by Flutterbug
2. 5.5 to 1 reduction which I already have
3. CC 80 amp controller which CC says will work on a 100 amp system for brief periods like F5B.
I'd try getting a Mega 22/20/1 ( KV around 6000). This will be quite ok with your 5.5:1 geardrive ( if it's strong enough...)

Start with an Aeronaut 14*10 prop and work your way up. If not flying competition, try7/8/9 cells. Bear in mind there's not all that much difference in performance between an 80A and a 120A setup. But the 120A or more will demand the best cells. If I were you, and not flying competition, I'd use 7 GP3300 or GP3000 cells, shoot for about 80-100A (adjust with prop, again; there's not that much difference between 14 and 18 inch props ( in F5F the best are using 17*18 by the way), it's much more important to have one that suits the plane and your flying style.

Wim ( who just totalled his prebroken/fixed Surprise 7 in this weekends comp on lap 22)
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