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This was tried once I think in the park flier area. It gets to be so long as to be cumbersome. Then you find someone with the plane you're looking for and they build it too heavy or highly overpower it and the information is useless.

The problem is that for any one design there are 10-20 combinations of motor-prop-battery just from one mfg that will work in any given airplane. And, everyone flies and powers their planes differently. Generally Tritle likes his slow while I like mine a bit heavier and faster to handle more wind. I think he only owns 2s Lipos where most of mine are 3s.

For stuff like Rake's and Tritle's it is best just to ask the question in here and get an answer within a few hours. Or you can send en email to the mfg

If you have a new design and want suggestions, again, ask in here and you'll get answers within hours, including power systems on similar size and weight models.

To start your search you need things like wing area (or the specific model), projected weight, and type of flying you want to do.

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