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some info dan thought i should share........ of stuff i used to make the molds and castings for the canon......mold material mixes 10-1, and casting, 1-1.....kinda neat....casting resin starts off clear when mixed, and within minutes, hardens and turns timing's important...and more important, i found out the hard way, that pouring the mold material, the canon should be standing up vertically, so any bubbles can rise up without sticking to the canon..also, paint the canon with the material first, before pouring.....the best would be a vacuum chamber, but it wasn't worth the expense building one......
i found out that spraying the canon with rustoleum, which is oil based, ate into the canon a bit...the resin must be more like a plastic, so i have to smooth them down with some scotch pad steelwool replacement sheets, which come in different degrees of coarseness....i like these pads.....and then repaint with the "all surface" version of rustoleum still will have a bit of a texture, but it looks close enough for i found the "all surface paint" was too glossy, so i gave another coat of regular rustoleum semigloss, and it now looks fine.....whew! by the way, painting them in a bundle like that was wrong, when i repainted, i placed them in a long line......which of course, i should have done in the first place

photo of entrance way coming along...bent brass wire......oh, i use some hard body dental impression material to make a copy and then pour in acrylic resin(liquid and powder) and place in hot water....just mix (impression material) in the palm of hand, the two equal amounts of the soft claylike material, press over the piece to be copied, and after a minute or two, it has set.....thats how i copied the ornmental railings on the stern galleries......
this is probably all familiar to most, but i posted just in case.......oh.....i made the wales extra thick cause i was worried about strength, being a working model....craftistic licence??
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