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Originally posted by ShredAir

I should have used these smiley things in my previous post and above, but I don't like them,
I don't like smileys either and I understood your post as you intended. I was in bad mood, and it came out in my writing...


Save the B50 for your Surprises and consider a good 7-cell F5B system for the MG... except run it on 10 cells. Depending on the drive and cells, you can use anything from a 14x10 to a 15x13 prop and likely put the portly 16-cell set-up to shame. No kidding...
Dieter Mahlein
I appreciate the input. I am still in my experimenting stage, and the things you tell me are always taken seriously. That said, I always thought 7 cell motors were the best place to be. Cheaper (fewer cells), lighter, and still more climb than one would expect. BUT flying the MG with 16 cells should be easier than flying the s11 with 16 cells (because of the bigger slower airfoil).

That said, what are some good 7 cell setups. I was thinking any motor in the 5500 -6500 kv range with a big gearbox.

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