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Originally Posted by rich smith
Luckily the chips were unlocked so here's code. Should work unmodified on a Tiny26 too or any old AVR with a port B. Pinout should be same as the Tiny13 one with extra channels added on after 4. Just from memory, it's been a few years.

No chance to test it myself because my Futabas batt is dead and also I don't have a Mega8 socket wired up. Please post result so we'll know. Photo would be nice too so others can benefit.


Thanks rich! 7 channel hex image does work Verified even on an obsolete 8MHz 2313 that I had otherwise no use for these days :P

Just a couple of observations that I have noticed that others may find useful:

1.You must supply pulses to all 7 inputs PB0-PB3, PB5-PB7 as there are some blocking codes that will hang if any channel(s) are missing. Which led me to modify the code slightly for a 6 channel Spektrum 6100 reciever.

2.Your receiver must output pulse sequence in order from PB0 to PB7, otherwise, the generated PPM will be all messed up. I found out the hard way by wiring up a Spektrum 6100 receiver with a DX7. It turns out the channels are sequenced in the following order:
1 Aileron
2 Aux
3 Elevator
4 Rudder
5 Throttle
6 Gear
This sequence appears to be dependent on the transmitter, using an Eflite LP5DSM, the pulse sequence is in order of the receiver header pins.
1 Throttle
2 Aileron
3 Elevator
4 Rudder
5 Gear
6 Aux
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