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Here are some pics take right before the maiden flight. (You can't name a plane after a brand of dog food and not put a picture of a dog on it! Al has a miniature schnauser, so the breed choice was obvious...

Note the battery and speed control hung out in the breeze. It's ugly, but it keeps the gear nice and cool!

Unfortunately, we nearly pulverized it two minutes into the maiden flight. A bad reciever sent it straight in at high speed. At least we proved that EPP planes are tough! The only damage to the plane was that the wing got torn off of the fuselage, taking a few bits of fuselage foam along with it. We also bent the motor shaft. (The wing was gooped onto the fuse. If I had bothered to make the wing removable, it probably would have sheared the wing hold down bolts and there would have been little damage.)

Anyway, I just gooped it all back together, patched the covering a little, and it looks just like new again. I swapped the damaged motor for a Hacker 20-20L, and now the Alpo has had a few good flights on it since the unfortunate maiden.

It flies great! I wouldn't mind a little more power myself, but the 20-20L is still enough for big loops and decent aerobatics. It does exactly what it was designed for; good inverted, nice aerobatics, easy handling, and it's TOUGH!!!

I will try to get some flight pics and maybe some video posted soon.
Brian Courtice is online now Find More Posts by Brian Courtice
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