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Jet for MW 44 Gold ?


i want to build a "small" fast Jet during the Winter.First I think about the Lambert Kolibri,but it's verry small and works only in small/light Jets if they shold go fast vertical.

So I decided to buy a MW 44 Gold,to have more options for a little more bigger jets.

The Jet shold be as small/light as possible for this turbine to get a good relation of Thrust and Wight I dont want to get 1:1.
I now that is jetlike,but I hope to get a lot more.

No landing Gear,because the field for launch and landing is unsuitable for this and not verry large.

I look for a Bobcat/Falcon.My super Falcon 25 (100 cm) is perfekt for our Field.I fly it with about 1900 Watts, 2,1 kg Wight and 3,5 Kg of thrust.

I dream about the Falcon 25 with MW 44.Wight will be about 2,3 Kg and Thrust 4,5 Kg

But I thik the Falcon 25 will not be stable enought for this "setup" ?

What is with the Falcon/Bobcat 50 (130 cm)

Is it possible to fit in a MW 44 without fear of killing the Jet with this turbine ?

Or are there other better Jets I should look for in this range with nice features as the Bobcat/Falcon ?

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