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Foam Tack Glue

I called my local art shop a few days ago to try and buy my favourite glue (UHU creativ) in bulk at a cheaper price. Normally a 33ml tube cost me $10 aussie dollars. Fairly pricey. The store said they wouldn't be getting anymore in because there was another product that students from the local university were using and preferring. So I bought a bottle of the new stuff. New to me anyway! It's called Foam Tack Glue and is made in the US by Woodland Scenics. Tested it this afternoon as a contact adhesive and as a straight glue. As a contact adhesive it is very close in strength to the UHU I was using. It looks like a viscous wood glue, is white, dries clear and is flexible. I'm impressed! And it also works out at less than half the price of the UHU product as well. And it doesn't feel all gummy like the UHU does, which was a real PITA if you needed to sand anywhere near it!

5 hours later it's still drying in the straight glue test. I think I'll stick with the contact method lol!
Scroll about 3/4 down the page

Has anyone else used this glue? Any good or bad experiences?
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