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Ritewing Zephyr 1st FPV flight

Before you watch the video, please read!

The first flight of the Zephyr in FPV mode was a success...well, sort of.
I want to say that I am 100% satisfied in how the Zephyr flies. With the folding prop, it glides so well and flies extremely slow when I want it to, yet has enough speed and thrust to climb out effortlessly and fly straight at a decent clip.

Video setup:
900mhz 500mw Range Video VTX mounted on wing tip
Range Video receiver w/ 8dbi patch sitting on the ground at a 45degree angle
Seperate VTX battery

Problem 1:
Im getting video lines from the microphone mounted on the VTX.
At first I thought it was cell tower interference because theres a tower within 1/8th of a mile (you can clearly see it in the video) BUT Im 100% positive now that the lines in the screen are microphone/wind induced because when I stalled the plane a few times and ceased forward momentum, the lines vanished. Sure enough, as I picked up speed they came right back. The sound of the wind is so loud, I can even hear the prop. I know its not motor enduced because Ive done ground checks and I get no interference...and in the video its a mix of gliding and powered flight. Should I just turn the gain down? Or shield the mic from the wind?

Problem 2:
The DX201 image is very clear (youtube doesnt do it justice) but Im getting the dreaded contrasting ground/sky issue. I havent adjusted any parameters in the cameras settings. What should I adjust in the camera to make it better for the contrasting ground and sky?
I can adjust:
wide dynamic range
white balance
shutter speed
and a few others

Ritewing Zephyr 1st actual FPV flight (4 min 30 sec)
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