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It flew this morning! Conditions were dead calm. The sky surfer flies nice and slow, probably about 6-8 mph.

It was controllable and I was pretty consistently able to fly it in a 100' diameter circle to a hand catch. Each charge is good for about 2-3 such circuits. The plane will only climb with a really good charge on the batt.

My suspicions about the included charger seem founded. After a charge from that, the Triton put in another 50 mah, about a quarter charge. This is critical since it really won't fly on less than optimal charge.

It wouldn't climb with a 830 li-ion cell. Oh, well, need something lighter that is good for 1.5 amps.

I got a chance to weigh it : 2.0 oz AUW. Batt is about 0.4 oz. All weights +/- 0.2 oz (cheap scale)

I think I'll get a better li-poly and see what it can do. Then the mods I 'm thinking of:

1. Stock electronics, but make it a pusher with driveshafts to the rear. Should help the flight performance, I think alot of the lift gets killed when the motors get switched on due to them being in the middle of the airfoil. Probably go to GWS props with this mod, possibly move motors outboard a bit for more turning control.

2. Upgrade to RFFS with a single IPS pusher (driveshaft). I've never seen a RFFS plane, so I don't know how to go about this. Elevon mixing, I guess.

Anyone else get a sky surfer yet? Only $18!!!

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