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332nd FG

99th FS
100th FS
301st FS
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A note for historical correctness: It's a fact that the service the 332nd FG performed was no less dangerous than any other fighter group. They put their lives on the line just like anyone else in the war. But some facts have been heavily distorted over the years and the record needs to be set straight. I can personally confirm the below records as I have met Charles McGee, and some other war vets who have talked to the 332nd vets. They say the same you will read below. They had no aces, and they in fact lost 25 bombers to enemy aircraft. None-the-less, their achievement of becoming the FIRST all African-American fighter group in a time of adversity is one to be proud of.

"At least 25 bombers being escorted by the Tuskegee Airmen over Europe during World War II were shot down by enemy aircraft, according to a new Air Force report. The report contradicts the legend that the famed black aviators never lost a plane to fire from enemy aircraft. But historian William Holton said the discovery of lost bombers doesn't tarnish the unit's record.

"It's impossible not to lose bombers," said Holton, national historian for Tuskegee Airmen Inc. The report released March 28, 2007 was based on after-mission reports filed by both the bomber units and Tuskegee fighter groups, as well as missing air crew records and witness testimony, said Daniel Haulman, a historian at the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery. The tally includes only cases where planes were shot down by enemy aircraft, Haulman said. No one disputed the airmen lost some planes to anti-aircraft guns and other fire from the ground. The 25 planes were shot down on five days: June 9, July 12, July 18 and July 20, 1944 and March 24, 1945, the Montgomery Advertiser reported."

The following is a summary of the combat record for the four squadrons of the 332nd Fighter Group. The list includes each pilot's name and official credit for enemy aircraft destroyed.

99th Fighter Sqn

Edward L. Toppins, 4
Charles B. Hall, 3
Leonard M. Jackson, 3

Clarence W. Allen, 0.5
Willie Ashley, Jr., 1
Charles P. Bailey, 1
Howard L. Baugh, 1
Thomas P. Braswell, 1
William A. Campbell, 1
John W. Davis, 1
Lemuel L. Curtis, 1
Robert W. Dier, 2
Elwood T. Driver, 1
Wilson V. Eagleson, 2
James L. Hall, 1
Clinton B. Mills, 1
Daniel L. Rich, 1
Leon C. Roberts, 1
Lewis C. Smith, 1
Hugh J. White, 1
100th Fighter Sqn

Raul W. Bell, 1
Charles V. Brantley, 1
John F. Briggs, 1
Roscoe C. Browne, 2
Richard W. Hall, 1
Jack D. Hosclaw, 2
Carl E. Johnson, 1
Langdon E. Johnson, 1
Earl R. Lane, 2
Clarence D. Lester, 2
John H. Lyle, 1
Walter J.A. Palmer, 1
George M. Rhodes, Jr., 1
Robert W. Williams, 2
Bertram W. Wilson, Jr. 1 301st Fighter Sqn

Joseph D. Elsberry, 3

Carl E. Corey, 2
John E. Edwards, 2
James H. Fischer, 1
Frederick D. Funderburg, 2
Alfred M. Gorham, 2
Claude Govan, 1
Thomas W. Jefferson, 2
Jimmy Lanham, 2
Armour G. McDaniel, 1
Walter P. Manning, 1
Harold M. Morris, 1
William S. Price, III, 1
Harold E. Sawyer, 1
Harry T. Stewart, 2
Charles L. White, 2
302nd Fighter Sqn

Lee A. Archer, 4.5
Wendell O. Pruitt, 3
Roger Romaine, 3

Milton P. Brooks, 1
Charles W. Bussey, 1
Edward C. Gleed, 2
William W. Green, Jr., 2
Weldon K. Groves, 1
William L. Hill, 1
Freddie F. Hutchins, 1
Melvin T. Jackson, 1
Felix J. Kirkpatrick, 1
Charles E. McGee, 1
Luther H. Smith, Jr., 2
Robert H. Smith, 2
William H. Thomas, 1
Hugh S. Warner, 1
Luke J. Weather, Jr., 2
Laurence D. Wilkins, 1
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