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Originally Posted by dkfuji
I was lucky enough to get a call from this morning to let me know they had the new CB100's in stock. They were nice enough to let me get one today to test and fly around. Since I own the 4#3b, MSR and now a CB100, I guess I can post a comparison based on my experience flying all of them.

4#3b DB - Always has been a blast to fly. Equiped with the right motor/pinion combo and the 2605A rx I have been able to fly it outdoors with authority. It is still a handful at times indoors since it tends to dart around a bit. It also would take a newbie a little practice to get the hang of the take-off without skipping across the floor and smashing into something.

MSR - I have mine bound to a JR9303 and have eliminated all the mixes. It flies very nice indoors and outdoors (as long as there is little or no breeze) and is so light that a crash really doesn't damage much of anything. I have bounced it off the garage wall, pavement and cars with no damage.

CB100 - This little heli is very stable. It lifts off the ground stable and hovers literally hands off. I comes DBL stock and needs no mods for good forward flight. Pretty cool. I also like the looks of the heli. Nice canopy and the fin on the tail makes it look more like a heli and less of a toy. I did relocate the tail ESC to under the canopy to clean-up the look and protect the wiring in case of an outdoor mishap.

In general, if you are transitioning from a coax to a single rotor, the CB100 would be a darn good choice for the money.
Nice to hear a comparison at last and I'm not surprised with your comments either. I found the stability of this configuration very balanced. It certainly makes the 4#3 very enjoyable indoors at last.

4#3b 45 Bell mod:
RobZulu started us 4#3 nuts off on this a while back with some very positive results. Here's my version of the 45 Bell.

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