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Originally Posted by Wrathchild
I ordered one from Best Buy for $149.99 plus tax (free shipping) for this very purpose. From what I've read the Radian can handle the 4 oz of the Webbie without issue when mounting it under the wing near the fuse. I hope to have mine Wednesday so I'm looking forward to trying it out, and will definitely post back with my experiences with it.

-edit- I see that has it at $139.99 with free shipping and some stores carry it. None within 100 miles of me, but FYI.
On the shelf at our walmarts for $149 last week. Have not looked this week. May just have to get another. I prefer mounting on top of the wing but I do have extreme velcro mounted on top and bottom.

Would be a great platform to shoot stereo photos with. Can't get a lot of distance between them but might be enough. Point the lens straight down and mount them just where the wings start to tip up to get just a little deflection. Then run the video from one of them, find the stills you want, mark the time and cut them at the same timestamp from the other camera. Hmmm, pretty cheap aerial survey platform.
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