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Not too bad, came home in one piece, but the usual harem scarem less than ideal maiden flight situation. My fixed gear (with shocks) was torn off on the attempted take off roll. The ground was too rough and had fresh boot prints all over from a recent baseball practice. And I held it on too long.

Never mind, I had prepped for such an eventuality as we only have unprepared surfaces to fly from, since the mains were already off, I quickly removed the nose wheel.

I was given a hand launch and made some altitude but it was evident the trims were out and I wasn't able to get it to trim out. After a couple flicks of the dual rates, I manged to make a few unstable passes before gently setting it down on soft grass.

It was observed that the main wing was far too flexible. (My spotter was sure the wing had actually broken. It didn't though.) I remembered that initially I was going to put in a CF main spar, but in all honesty I think I forgot. Once I was I saw that I had already put in the usual bamboo main spar that comes with the GWS kit, I thought, oh well that'll do. NOT!

I'll get some CF this week and reset my trims and dial in some expo and we'll be back in the air ASAP. There was no shortage of thrust, but it did need to land fairly fast. I'll also put the gear back on in the Retracted position and configure it with tail skid for the next flight. I would like to be able to do ROG take-offs but oh well. It is a nice hand launch - under handed.

(Sorry no pics/vids - camera crew were bloody hopeless. --
...They were probably just as nervous as I was.)

Thanks to my co-pilot and ground crew buddy Russ "boardman".
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