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roll your own

there are some SPAD plans out there that will be fine for club combat. our very first SSC plane was a SPAD dogfighter, which is 4 mil on the bottom and 2 mil on top. you can make the fuse lighter by using folded coro instead of gutter pipe, but keep in mind the SSC minimum weight (2.5 pounds), which, if you are doing club-combat, you could reduce. The dogfighter or other spads will fly better on a 15 as light as you can get them....the dogfighter on a 15 was a fun plane and flew fine but would in no way compete with a more modern SSC design.

look at the battle axe avenger B2+ from teamsharnell or the phencepost from for reasonably priced kits, if you want to roll you own you can draw design inspiration from those.

a suggestion for a very easy to build SSC plane would be Clark Y-H section of 64 inch span, straight LE with tapered TE, pick your root and tip chords as convenient to get you to around 600 sq ins. 25 pound foam will be adequate, 40 pound is more durable but will add 2-3 ounces. the flat bottom will make it very easy to mount to either a flat bat, or a piece of phencepost (plastic fence post for electric fences, get at Tractor Supply or similar). Use 1/8 inch f/glass rods for spars top and bottom, and cover with packing tape. Use coro from old signs for tail surfaces, screwed to the phencepost or glued to the flat bat.
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