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Wild Hawk CRASH!

Sorry no video recording of kids stealing my lost Wild Hawk this time .

I was up about 300 feet over empty housing lots making a righ bank turn and suddenly my Wild Hawk started to violently nose dive and twist! I cut all power took my glasses off and looked up and out 1/4mile away to see something which I guessed to be my vertical stabilizer had sheered off and was floating next to my Wild Hawk as it was doing a flat spin at its cg point (Glad I ironed that out last week). The wild Hawk proceeded to spin like a top at its CG point and there is absolutely nothing you can do to land an rc plane that has lost its vertical fin!

I kept my eyes wide so that I could get an approximate idea of where it was going to crash. Jumped in my car and drove out as close as I could and then started the search. Luckily the video camera ws still transmitting! When I got in the vicinity I turned my FPV on and saw grass and twigs! Unfortunately the whole lot is nothing but grass and twigs

Holding the receiver antenna to my chest I was able to turn my body to find the best signal. If I lost signal my body was blocking it. Not very directional but this at lease gave me a 180degree directional swath to walk in. I also used the tip of the antenna as a pointer, when the signal cut out I knew I must be pointing to it. That trick gave my about a 90degree wedge to walk in. within minutes I was right on top of her.

Yep, The vertical stabilizer was missing and the wild hawk was sitting in some dried out reeds on her belly like some one set her there. I picked up the Wild Hawk, and feeling the wind on my face I turned around and started walking with the wind. about 100-200feet later I found the vertical fin.

Kind of disappointing and fun at the same time searching for it. Without FPV I'd probably still be out there !

Nothing appears damaged at all... Easily repairable by gluing the vertical stabilizer back on.
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