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Mini Dren

I have to admit, I have the Drenalyn bug

Even though my attempt at a small light version (See above) resulted in a gorrila...although it turned out to be my most favorite foamie to date (out of about 20 previous builds)....I still wanted to see how small I could make one with conventional components....

here it is....virtually 100% 3mm Depron with no glue thruout
just two main cut pieces of foam

13" WS
14" Length
Three pieces: Wing, Fuselage/Fin, Motor Mount block
10g HXT motor
5g servos
2S360mah battery (15min flights)

AUW 2.9oz
2.55 oz/sqft (could be lower with smaller battery )

Nose Block is scrap EPP with 3mm Depron sides....1/16" ply firewall....

Slot the block and hot glue to fuselage flush with wing for 5deg down thrust
Note that the camber is simply done with straight lines on the fuselage..

Note also that the single piece fuselage slides into the slot in the rear of the wing...I glue the forward section of the wing first,then work back to the end, slipping the rear fuse/fin into the wing slot as you go...

This version flies just like my 20" one (without rudder of course)....floaty...but great inverted and good wind penetration and speed those Drenalyns!

WARNING....this is not a gorilla was done to see how light I could get it for the 10g motor...its not ultra delicate (I have face planted it several times without injury) but it WILL break on any hard impact...soo...just don't crash hard took me 4 hours from start to maiden, so rebuilds wouldn't be a big deal...enjoy

PS: the CG shown on the plans is about may want to start with 25%( ie move batt forward some) unless you have experience with 3D planes balanced to neutral stability...note in the underside picture below, you see I have the batt forward of the the CG line in that was windy the last flight and I wanted to calm it down some...that moved the CG forward about 1/8" from the line..
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