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I've had 3 different power setups in the same airframe. I got mine airframe only. Brief descriptions:

1) 3600Kv 64mm fanmotors, 3S 2.2AH 30C batt., 20A ESC's. Take off from grass - no way. Hand launch - easy. Just barely flew on a little under 300W. Speed maybe 30 mpH. Control - no problem, used gyros on roll and pitch. Took off landing gear because hand launch and belly flops were no problem. It probably would have flown fine on 4S, but the speeders and motors were both limited to 3S. It liked to pitch the nose up and stall in this configuration. DO NOT try this setup. it's absolute minimum power required.

2) 4300Kv 64mm fanmotors, 3S 2.2AH 30C batt., 40A ESC's. Take off from grass - don't know, no gear. Hand launch - easy. Flew about 50 or 60 mpH estimated on about 580W. Control - Took off gyros after a few flights. It was slow on pitch and crazy twitchy on roll. Eventually got it tamed out with dual rate and expo settings (see post #34), it was easy to fly. It was pretty much an everyday flier, but it would have been tough to get it settled out without the computer radio. Batt.s got a little hot, 2.6 or 2.8AH probably would have been OK. Shockwave, If you have 3600 or 3800Kv motors I suspect it would be about like this setup on 4S, as long as all the hardware is harmonized to take the power.

3) 5400Kv 55mm fanmotors, 4S 4.0AH 30C batt., 60A ESC's. Hand launch is still easy. Pretty fast at almost 1000W. Handles OK, but likes to rock the wings. I wrecked it into the woods today, just plain lost my bearings, but this'll be wreck recovery #5 or so, no sweat. I have my Master Foamsmith Certificate. (apologies to whoever I ripped off the word "Foamsmith" from).

Thanks for posting.
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