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Originally Posted by KCV6
Between yesterday and today I managed to fly 4 2200mah, 4 1600mah and 2 1500mah packs through the 400D. Thats about 2.2 hours of airtime.

I have developed a love hate relationship with it.

The love being the flexibility of the 400D, the fact you can just potter around, do nice tight flicking in a small area outside with plenty of speed or get half decent FFF and do nice big circuits and naturally a combination of the above.

The hate.... The damn blades breaking too easily causing interruption too the fun, they are simply too brittle and snap way too easily albeit due to operator error. I went through 4 sets and every single break was due to clipping either the ground or foliage causing blade strike (CX blade strike). Note these were not all outright breaks, I have 2 complete sets with large chips out of them that can still be used for flight. I could just get the upper and lower blades to clip each other in flight so I ended out backing the extent off on the servo travel to about 3/4 and havn't heard a click since.

I have been flying with a combination of 1 and 2 flybar links. With 2 it can be a bit too responsive and requires stick input to pull it back into line. This will be something that is up to personal preferance and in my case will be on some times and off others.

All in all for me it's great fun and has proven to be durable and reliable taking many hard knocks in the 14 hours of flight time I have logged so far with the exception of the Blades. Motors are great. Plenty of power, good brushes, smooth and never get hot. Very simple and cheap mods transform it into a much nicer helo.

That's one heck of a lot of batteries you seem to have. Do you think the kind of blade strikes you're having would be taken care of by more separation between the blades as in an extended shaft or are they just something that you won't be able to get away from?
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