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Originally Posted by Witterings
The way you keep mentioning PA products in Muliplex threads it would be very easy for someone to get the wrong idea and think you were associated with PA, the knock on effect being you totally discredit their products especially when they're rubbish (in my opinion) compared to Multiplex !!!!
I do not work for nor am I associated with PA. I am not sure why it is offensive to you that I mention PA. The user's question just happened to have been about a PA product - The Thrust Motor.

Except for the perceptions of a small percentage of readers. I really don't think any of my comments will discredit PA. I happen to really like my PA product.

Rubbish is a very strong word to describe PA. In comparison to the Acromaster which needed a couple of modifications to fix design flaws, my PA Extra didn't need any modifications and actually does fly better than the Acromaster in a couple of scenarios. Less coupling in KE etc, easier / more vertical elevator drops.

The Acromaster flies really good as well. If flies better than the Art Tech, ParkZone, Hobbico and Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D FlightFlex EP ARF 33.5" planes that I either destroyed or leave sitting on a shelf because I can't stand flying them. It is also incredibly durable. I have smacked trees / the ground VERY hard on 2 occations and had no significant damage to the plane. This would have destroyed my PA 260 or any balsa plane for that matter.

Every day after work I go out and get at least one flight in with both planes.

I will probably be just as likely to mention 3D Hobby Shop after my new 57" 3DHS Extra 330 SC arrives in a couple of weeks. Additionally, I plan to buy an Extreme Flight Extra 300 next year. So, I may very well start mentioning Extreme Flight as well if I feel the comments are relevant. For instance, I posted in other Threads that the Acromaster is a great plane to buy and use based on the poster's original question because the situation and context seemed to warrant a mention of the Multiplex Acromaster.

I thought this was a forum to talk to fellow pilots and share information openly and honestly. I didn't realize that I had to be careful of "religious" tensions and that I had to restrict my comments exclusively to positive comments about the manufacturer that the thread is about. Even when the question that comes up IS about another manufacturer's product.

I will keep that in mind going forward.
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