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The Dr1 flies fine, much better than I would have ever thought for such a small plane at 8 oz weight. I did enlarge the vertical tail a bit for more stability. The rudder control is still touchy so don't use too much, maybe 3/8 inch at first.

I got started in this 'conversion' rut a few years ago when my friend Alan Porter showed up at my house with his own converted Guillows Dr1 powered by a Cox 020. We went to the field to test fly it, both of us expecting to see his nice model crumpled to bits after the first scary hand launch. To our surprise it flew and flew well! It was amazing to watch his miniature triplane meandering around the local park with the sun shining through the tissue wings. We were both sure it would snap roll or do something horrible in those first few seconds after launching, but it behaved itself. I wouldn't call it any easy model to fly, but certainly a fine model for winds under 10 mph.

Since then we were both hooked and started converting other Guillow and Sterling WW1 planes. We convinced another friend, Steve Adams to do the same and that's when the WW 2 models started to be converted. I would like to build another DR1 with a PAW diesel in it instead of the high RPM glow engine.

Here is another picture some of Alan's Dr1 and D-7 along with mine. Alan ran the tissue through a color printer to make the lozenge patterns for his model.
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