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thanks much for the support...quite a difference from me working here alone in my 7x11 garage, with the few people i know, who, although thinking it's kinda neat, wonder why i spend so much time building a dumb boat....i should be out there making money ...but the truth is...i'm not good at making money....i make ends meet........anyways, yes dan that's exactly what i wanted as emergency power....had no idea they they have forward and reverse?...and i'll check out the figures etc.....
capt redde...i will definately get some shots when the time comes to build the see...i do everything backwards....i had to rig two large hatches on the decks to open up so i could install the drives...should be fun, but i have much to do first......i used grain of wheat bulbs to light up the rear galleries ...i wanted to use led's, but couldn't find the right ones at the time...i wonder if the grain of wheat bulbs will last ok......i could change now if advisable......still have access......
gee...beneteau...good name for a boat builder i will check the forum more closely when the opportunity presents itself...although i've seen some of the links here and really admire the craftsmanship...only difference between kit and scratch (aside from accuracy sometimes), is the time factor...both take equal amt. of skill....that smaller kit of the royal william i built was quite difficult as the plans left a lot up to the thing, with these ships, which is a challenge to me, is that there are almost no right angles to work from...kinda like building something in the air there's always so much.."does it look right?" going on........
by the way....ballast is not built into the ship....i can lift it easily myself with the help of some harness or whatever...two can carry it without effort...when i place it in the water i add the, maybe, 15 lb. slabs of lead i made, until the waterline is to sail..i have to load and unload....also althoug i've glassed the innards, the outside has only a few coats of urethane...i need to spray the lower hull more or use spar varnish which may be more waterproof..maybe if i spray enough coats, it will do.......would have loved to use resin, but i don't think it would be compatible with the urethane...and i don't wish to sand back to the wood ....any suggestions? oh, for the rudder, i just cut up some regular brass hinges....lazy lazy.....
gratefully, vic
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