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Originally Posted by NoFlyZone

... that's why I rail against people whom seek to find ways to turn non balsa builders into builders...

It's elitism at it's finest.

You want elitism? You got elitism - of the grammar variety!

I can't agree that balsa builders are born, not made. While some have more talent than others, we all have the ability to learn. Which medium we prefer is unimportant; designing and building are at issue here. Creativity is at issue here. Developing someone's creative interest, whether for building in foam blocks, foam sheets, fiberglass, carbon fiber, balsa, cardboard, or combined methods is what's important.

Former model builder Bert Rutan started building in balsa, then built with balsa-covered foam. He then learned from the sailplane and surfboard guys about fiberglass over foam, and applied that knowledge to two of the most innovative homebuilt airplanes of all time, the VariEze and LongEze. Had he stayed with balsa only, where would he be today?

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