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I mainly scratch build from plans or design my own stuff. When I build a plane I know what its made of and how its made and for the most part why it flies the way it flies.

I saw a ARF guy crash his plane......when he went over to pick up the pieces and he made the comment........."hmmmm it has foam core wings." " Well I guess its back to the hobby store to buy another plane."

The plane really doesn't have any true value, its just a toy that can be re-purchased the next day.
When you fly an ARF you have no idea if there are some bad glue joints. Many times the preinstalled versos are some odd brand of unknown quality.

If you buy a ARF and go fly it is very obvious its a ARF with the wild over the top color scheme.

I agree with one poster who mentioned that the lifespan of a Kit plane vs a ARF very much favors the Kit plane.
So when you buy a ARF your basically getting a quick fix and putting your money into a disposable toy with a limited lifespan.

I think people who build there own planes are also more careful about the condition and quality of the equipment inside the plane.

You see these ARF guys complain about how a cheap servo that came preinstalled in the plane stripped out and crashed the plane.
Well maybe they should of made sure the servo was of decent quality before they flew the plane.

You can spot these ARF guys a mile off...........they crash there plane and then laugh there ?ss off.
Ive never seen anyone who spent 100 hours building his plane laugh after it nosed in.

If the day comes when I cant buy a kit.......or cant scratch build something I might consider a ARF..........But not until then I guarantee.
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