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Galaxiex, that is way to cool. I think Shun Da id a small Wright flyer, I thought about getting one and re doing the gear, but then I remembered that I am me. And that it could be a long time until I did it.

OK, this is a real flight report . I took the Unique and the swift2 off to the field. 4 batteries for the Unique and 1 for the Swift2. The wind was still gusting pretty good but it was no longer steady.

I did the ground checks on the Unique, revved it up and let go. Nice gentle rise following the angle of launch. Hit the timer and started the show with a giant outside loop that I almost chickened out on I had about15' to spare, but that was the first move in almost a month. And at that point the aerobatics were on. Someday, I will learn all the names, but climbing nearly straight up into an aileron roll to stall and then half roll out, I seemed to focus on more vertical stuff with rolls than horizontal into loops today. I flew through 2 batteries, then flew the swift 2 and back to the unique for the other 2 batteries. I think the Unique is the best $50 air frame ever. Ever. Until I find something else that is better

Next up was the Swift2, I went back to the smaller motor and it is happy again. By the time I had the Swift2 up I knew that the folks at the Fireman's Muster could see the planes. I knew this because one of the guys there came putting up on a Honda Trail 70. We discussed the material that the planes are made of, the quote was something along the lines of "Theyr'e Styrofoam?!?" He then mentioned that they were quiet, and I chuckled with him. Then I grabbed the swift2 and he said, "The tanks full right?". Umm, yeah, they are electric. More disbelief, then I did my control check, overhand toss hit the power. That's when I heard and it just flies out of your hand, no true technically with this plane. Anyway he watched the swift2 flight including a rather horrific crash when I got behind on the controls and forgot the rule. Use the force not the sticks. and then I demonstrated the joy of foam, surface check was ok, toss and fly some more

I then went to the elementary school for the micro sukhoi, but the wind was just too much. I should also admit that I had the usual number of kids show up, but I don't think they were locals. The local kids have an idea of who I am and that I will talk to them and let them check out the planes.

Oh Zrat, get a power supply and an accucel-6. I have the Accucel charging a pair of evo 3s1345's right now, with the new style charge adapter.

Also I posted pics of my currently flyable plane on my blog.

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