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Originally Posted by yyz

Your lurking and provoking in this thread is the equivalent of an SPCA member hanging out in an NRA thread and bitching about people trying to promote hunting.
Then the SPCA member would have to explain why he's carrying a dressed and skinned White Tail buck to the meeting, being as that 1/3 of my fleet are balsa kits....

Originally Posted by yyz

If you don't like to build or even someone suggesting that you could get more out of this hobby by building, why in the hell are you reading posts in this group. The group name is "The Builders Workshop" and the title of this thread is "How do we bring model building back?".
That's just it. I love to build, and am continuing to grow my skill sets in building.

You see, Mike... the guy whom got me started in building is one of my mentors here on RC Groups. For the couple of years we knew each other prior to my first attempt at building from balsa, he never once tried to imply that somehow, I wasn't really having the kind of fun I should be having as I played with my foamies. He never once implied that balsa plane building would make my evenings in my shop more enjoyable if only I would relegate the foamies to the trash heap.

Here's the deal, Mike. BruceA could see that, given the type of foamie builder I was, paying ungodly amounts of time to making sure that all my foam planes were dead nuts straight, and with inordinate amounts of time taken to ensure wickedly accurate airframes.... that I was already a balsa builder at heart; even before I knew what balsa really was.

He knew that real balsa builders are born, Mike; not made. Think about this comment a little, and you'll see that it rings very clearly.

Bruce knew that it was only a matter of time before I explored kit building, and he let me take my time, with only an occasional hint that I might find it enjoyable, given the way in which I built my foamies.

And when I was ready, he was there to answer my questions, and even to produce the best covering tutorial I've ever seen anywhere for guys like myself who were eager, but terrified of covering.

He didn't try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And that's why I rail against people whom seek to find ways to turn non balsa builders into builders by trying to convince them that they will never know the self satisfaction of doing anything.... unless it's the self satisfaction of building a balsa kit.

It's elitism at it's finest. And that's why the answer to this question will never be answered; especially when posed such as it was.

We're born, Mike, not made...

Take care,

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