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I've been trying to put myself in your shoes and understand your side of this and your reason for posting what you have so far. Had I spent the same amount of time looking for ways to promote the building of model airplanes, I'm sure the starter of this thread would be much happier.

I've read this thread, and your posts specifically, several times now and believe I have a better sense of where you are coming from. The statements about ARF buyers and fliers wanting "instant gratification" is the exposed nerve that has been hit.

The original poster, as I read it, was suggesting that people who haven' tried building should give it a try. The only thing he said that could be misconstrued as non-constructive was his "... not wanting to hear the excuses..". Maybe he should have worded that differently or not said it at all. I've said the very same thing before but have learned that it doesn't help the cause; I think it alienates more potential builders than it encourages.

I am at a real loss to how you took any part of the original post as "this is how you should or have to spend your spare time to have a meaningful life.." or "projected his sense of what is worthwhile....".

I'm not even sure what to do with your calligraphy analogy. I wish we could discuss that one over a beer. We can and should take that off-line, if you like. If this sounds like a personal attack, please report me, like you have others.

You are bringing some baggage to this thread that isn't constructive. The intent of this conversation is to promote model building, not to stir up sh or push some hidden agenda or grind an axe you have with a builder in your club that pissed you off.

Your lurking and provoking in this thread is the equivalent of an SPCA member hanging out in an NRA thread and bitching about people trying to promote hunting.

If you don't like to build or even someone suggesting that you could get more out of this hobby by building, why in the hell are you reading posts in this group. The group name is "The Builders Workshop" and the title of this thread is "How do we bring model building back?".

I truly hope the non-US poster will enlighten us and help this thread along. Why is this valued and supported in other cultures? As I said, before, I think many people value the skills that can be learned by creating things with your hands. I would include calligraphy in that list as well as model building, gardening, fly tying, etc, etc, etc.

Our local club did a demonstration and question and answer period for the kids at the elementary school where we fly. It was a huge success. The next generation of children is where, I believe, our education efforts should be focused.

If they are exposed to and end up enjoying the hobby and build something, great.I If they get inspired and want to learn to fly an ARF plane, fantastic.

This isn't a mind control experiment from the '60s. No one is forcing you or anyone else to do or believe anything you don't want to believe. I will however ask you kindly to not undermine or derail efforts to promote facets of the hobby that are proven to be enjoyable and beneficial later in life.



ps: my apologies for the length of this post.

Originally Posted by NoFlyZone
Easy actually. I recognize the same thought pattern that rears it's ugly head every time this 'building from balsa' vs ARF topic comes up. Just like the original poster exclaimed when he stated that he won't even entertain the notion of people not having the time to build. It riles him, and irks him. Why? Because he has projected his own sense of what is worthwhile onto everyone whom doesn't agree with his manner of getting 'personal satisfaction'.

Tell me the difference between the building from balsa scenario, and the following one.

I am a fairly decent calligrapher. It took me years to develop my skills. I can't stand the lazy people in this world whom think that 'writing' is merely picking up a ballpoint pen and scribbling hash marks on a piece of paper. Everyone whom doesn't take the time to learn how to use flat nibbed pens is a lazy person seeking "instant gratification". Lazy people can't write their own name so that it's legible. Their chicken scratchings look like the epitome of sheer laziness, and something they can not take pride in.

Are you a member of the instant gratification crowd, perfectly happy to just grab a ballpoint pen and start writing what looks like a foreign language?

I say you can only know what true inner satisfaction is by spending a few minutes to an hour a day practicing your written communication skills. And if you'd rather peck away at a computer keyboard than take pen and ink to paper, you're just looking for instant gratification.

Tell me, Mike, Mode One, and everyone else.... what's the difference?

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