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I'd be interested in your evaluation of the 3D Pro blades as I was very disappointed with the ones I put on my Lama 4. Along their length, they had actually curled up. I know they were straight when I got them, but the curl was noticeable after a while.
If you have this BIG 400 size heli and have to power it with 2200mah batteries, I'd hate to ask how much it weighs.
I'd like to fly in my 1/2 acre lot and not have to go anywhere every time I want to fly. My problem is that we ALWAYS have a stiff breeze or more until just about an hour before dark, if it decides to calm down at all. Most houses are too small for a 180 size heli, so, that leaves a palm size heli for almost 7 months of the year. I can fly my 180 size Lama 4 outside, but it is affected by the wind. The videos of the 400D have been less than complimentary. IMHO, they have hurt their sales with those videos and shouldn't have bothered. From what I'm reading about the Esky Big Lama, that's nothing to write home about unless you modify the heck out of it. I think there are MANY of us out there who are looking for that right heli and spend a heck of a lot of time and money chasing around trying to find it.
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