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Originally Posted by FrogChief
Nope, not quite.

Legacy Radios converted both cosmetically and internally to use DSS - 2.4GHz tech:

Spektrum DX6 - rebadged and retrofitted JR SX600
Spektrum DX7 - rebadged and retrofitted JR 7202
JR 9303 2.4 - retrofitted JR X9303


Futaba 6EX - retrofitted 6EA
Futaba 7C - retrofitted 7CAP

Futaba 10C - Probably last 'legacy' radio designed originally for 72MHz use. Altered last minute with FASST branding before hitting store shelves.

Rest of current Futaba lineup are retrofits via modules


Airtronics RDS8000 FHSS - retrofitted RD8000


Big thing about the above 2.4GHz radios is that NONE of them will hang level with a neckstrap without a strap relocation clamp.

The clean sheet 2.4GHz designs: DX5, DX6i, SD-10G and now the 8FG are made to naturally balance without the 72MHz 'fishing pole.'

Something as small as that means alot to some when it comes to flying comfort. Especially folks who stay up for an hour or even more. (Sailplane pilots, XC guys, etc.)

Me, I'm excited to soon be able to purchase a 100% clean-sheet new-generation 2.4 radio that has not only the technology we've all come to love, but the ergonomics we've come to expect.

...I was talking about the DX6i...was that 07 or mind sometimes goes blank.
Why does no one else use the SD data storage cards?
Because only .5% of all modelers need 1024 model memorys,For the average user its a bit of a gimmick,and they try to force you to buy the SD card from Tower(Hobbico/Futaba's pet store.) by giving the radio a small internal capacity, in fact...anyone notice how the radios page does not specify model memory...Does it have any?!
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