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Step 10. Cut the holes for the servos but do not glue them in. I have the tail servos just behind the nose doubler and the ailerons servos are 3.5" out from the center. I have the aileron tabs sitting on top of the main wing. The top KF doubler will go over the top of them. Remember the spar is 1/2" in front of the aft side of the KF doubler. The aft of my servo is 1/4" in front of the spar so they do not hit.
Step 11. Using the wing KF glue method with 3M 77 glue on the bottom horizontal tail KF doubers.
Step 12. The left side stiffener is longer to match the different lengths of the nose doublers. Position the tail braces along the fuse. You will have to notch them for the horizontal KF doublers. To help keep from inducing a twist I like to lightly hold the braces in place and use hot glue. I put a 1/2" long swipe of glue every inch working both sides as I go from front to back. This is why the bottom of the plane is built flat on the board.
Step 13. Glue the servos in place with hot glue.
Step 14. Place the top wing KF doubler upside down behind the servos and mark the servo locations. Cut out the holes and check the KF doubler fit. I had to cut a little more out of one hole so the leading edges lined up.
Step 15. Glue the top wing KF doubler in place. After the glue tacked up I carefully aligned the KF doubler to the wing lightly pressing it into place to I could move it if needed. Once happy I placed the plane top side down on the work bench and pressed on the bottom KF doubler to lock the top one in place.
Step 16.1 Cut the motor cutout in the top vertical fuselage.
Step 16.2 Glue the upper fuselage in place with Welders. Again use a strait edge to make sure it is strait.
Step 17. Use Welders to glue the hinge for the vertical stab.
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