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Step 1. Paint the foam parts. I went with a simple scheme but it should look good.
Step 1.5. For my kit to fit in a box the wing and wing KF doublers will be cut in half. Use Welders to glue them together.
Step 2. Glue in the spar. I used Welders and held it flat with some weights.
Step 3. Hinge ailerons and elevator with welders.
welders hinge (1 min 16 sec)

Step 4.1 I like to cut a slit about 1/2" long in the motor stick to make it easier to remove the motor if I have to later.
Step 4.2 Mark the center line of the front horizontal piece along with the motor and motor mount stick cutouts. My motor cutout is 1.25" wide x 1.5" long.
Step 4.3 Glue the motor stick into position with Welders.
Step 4.4 Glue all the horizontal parts together with welders.
Step 5. Glue (welders) in elevator stiffener. It is a 1/8" carbon tube 6" long in a v-groove that I cut in the bottom of the elevator.
Step 6. Mark the center line on the top and bottom for placement of the vertical fuselage pieces.
Step 7. Glue (3M 77) on the lower wing KF doubler. I sprayed a wet coating on the KF doubler and then pressed it onto the wing to transfer glue onto the wing with out having to deal with over spray. I took it off for a couple of minuets and then stuck it back into place.
Step 8. Use the same 3M 77 method as the KF doubler, glue the lower nose doublers onto the sides of the lower nose. Looking from the top down the left nose doubler is shorter than the right.
Step 9.1 Cut motor clearance in the front of the lower fuselage.
Step 9.2 Glue (welders) the lower fuselage onto the bottom of the horizontal assembly. The front is stiff due to the doublers. I used a strait edge to help place the back part and keep it strait.
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