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AMD Phoenix (Wingeron) Build Questions, Build, and Pics

Hi everyone out there!! Just bought the AMD Phoenix Wingeron, and the instructions are weak at best. I just have a few questions, since this is my first wingeron build.

First, How much torque is required of the wingeron servo? Does it have to be a digital servo, or just a good high torque servo? Are there any reasonable recommendations out there? I know that sky is the limit when it comes to servos, but what is good enough?

Second, the incident. Is this adjusted just from through the wing? I notice that the horizontal and vertical stab are bolted onto the fuse. Is this so it can be shimmed to adjust the incident? I would really like to epoxy both the horizontal and vertical on, but if I need to adjust the incident there, well, I can't quite do that. I would think that the fuse sets this angle, right?

Third and last for now. lol The wing, according to the so called instructions, is held on by the collar that locks the control rod from the wing to the wingeron linkage. This doesn't sound like it's very secured to me. Is the wing control rod supposed to be epoxied into the wing? I know that this sounds like a dumb question, but it doesn't seem like the control rod will bond that well to the copper receiver tube in the wing, since the slip fit is quite tight.

Since the wing covering was completely wrinkled, I have decided to remove all of the covering, which I discovered had some sort of epoxy or coating around the root area of the wing. This was brittle and lifting from the balsa, so I took a hot air gun and removed it with a Popsicle stick sanded to a chisel tip with rounded corners as to not gouge the balsa, which worked very well. I know that the root area was reinforced for a reason, so instead of recovering covering the wing with monocoat or some other covering material, I have decided to cover the whole wing with carbon fiber. I will lay it up tomorrow, and vac bag them down. I will post some pics when this is done. I have also added strips of carbon fiber uni to the inside of the fuse instead of the 1/16" plywood called out by the directions.

That is where I am in the build as of yet. And I look forward to the experience of all you builders out there for help.

Thanks for reading, and hope you can help me out.

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