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Originally Posted by skydve76
Delta wing, swept wing, (262 or sabre). Just about any I have used always drop the nose. Lots of up elevator needed.

Regaurdless, I just put 2 more flights on mine over lunch. I set the throws to the max I can get, flies much better now. Now I just need to gut my corsiar and put the esc in the mustang, geta bigger prop and it will fly much nicer than it already does.

I was at the local HS with a friend who was buying a plane. The kid kept trying to sell him the mustang as it is "easier" to fly than the corsair.

All I can sayy is BULL. While both are EASY to fly, the corsair slows down much slower, as well as it it slows down if you cut the throttle. Dang near flies like a parachute. Must be those bent wings.
Sky - I have three P-51bl's and two Corsairs. All in different battery motor configurations. I have read all of the posts on RCGroups regarding the P-51BL and the Corsair. Well over a thousand pages. It is safe to say that you are not alone in belivieving the Corsair is easier to fly and if the criteria was how quickly the plane slows down, the Corsiar would win, hands down - however...

My take is that I give the P-51 a nudge when it comes to determining which plane is easier to fly. The reason being is that thier are many factors. Easier to me means less stress and less stress means less crashes.

Many people have tried to explain this in their posts, so here is my version:

The floaty nature of the Corsair actually makes it harder to fly than the some what speedier flight of the P-51. On an absolute perfect, calm day, I might be tempted to call the planes even, but factor in the slightest wind and the P-51 wins hands down.

The floaty nature of the Corsair makes it prone to bouncing around a lot or side slipping and drifting in the wind. No problem in a very experienced fliers hands with his TX dialed in perfect, but put the plane on a stock DX5e with someone that has little experience and the constant moving around the plane does is hard to manage and very stressfull to fly.

On the other hand, the P-51BL flys like it is on rails. Throw in a little wind and no worries, still flies like it is on rails. Do a low pass 15 ft off the ground and it holds. Line up the runway and it holds a straight line. Throw a snap roll and it comes out straight as an arrow Try to do those things with the Corsair (especially at slow speeds) and you better be on top of those sticks. The Corsair is constantly moving and jumping around.

Additionally, I am not saying the P-51 won't fly slow. If you stay with the stock set up, it won't float like the Corsair, but it comes darn close.

My solution: GET BOTH!
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