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shortened flybar.

Well I made up a 1.7mm thick x 15mm wide plate to re-bend and shorten the flybar by 15mm off each end. This is an old trick I learnt a while back. The flybars have a "hook" bent in the end. Measure the inside radius of the bend, or use a feeler gauge to measure the distance between the bar and the parallel return part of the hook. In this case it is 1.7mm. Grind a piece of mild steel or stainless plate to this thickness and a width matching the amount you want the flybar shortened by. Place this plate in a vice and put the hook over one side. Carefully bend the flybar using a soft metal rod (copper, aluminum etc.) back around the other side. Slide this off the plate and do the same for the other end. Trim the old hooks off and using a plastic or copper mallet close the new hooks up that bit extra so the two parts of bar are parallel. This will shorten both ends the same distance. Pics of the bend plate and how to dampen and reduce the flybar pivot to come soon.

This has made the 400D super responsive now, almost to the point of being scary to fly inside my lounge room for fear of over correcting (many things to break). It flies more like a single rotor now and requires far more control input. Personally this is what I was aiming for so it will respond quicker to outdoor wind conditions. This has also eliminated any chance of the flybar ever collecting the lower blades and wrapping itself around the shaft as has happened to at least one other 400 owner (see "Walkera Lama 400" on youtube by technoelect).

Now I just have to wait for the severe storms we are having this week to subside so I can get it outside.

In the mean time I have been working on the two dies for making press molded CF blades. This is progressing well and looks to be a fairly straight forward process.

Cheers. Mark
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