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Third time's a charm!

Well, I just finished a re-fit of my B900. The el-cheapo Cirrus servos gave out on me, so I did a little work on it:
  • Stripped out all the guts of the glider
  • Removed the tailgroup
  • Scraped the boom. Looks cool
  • Installed a couple D47s. These are smaller than I had thought - I believe they might be the shortest servos you can get (much shorter than GWS Pico's). The servos now stand upright in the pod!
  • Left room in the nose for one of ASK's NiMh battery packs. No more wimpy flight times.
  • While it was naked, I decided to try my hand at making some new tailfeathers - I copied the planform of the original surfaces, cut them out of generic balsa, rounded the LE's, tapered the TE's, and did a simple layup w/ 0.5 oz FG in an aqua-vac bag. I added a 1.4 oz FG live hinge in the layup, and am using that for the hinges now. I also added some 1k CF tow for stiffness. Came out pretty good for a first try.
  • Made the H-Stab removable - held in place by a nylon screw and two CF pins to keep it square to the boom.
  • Went all pull-spring
  • Routed the strings through the boom and out a little hole near the tail. Reinforced the boom on either side of the exit hole with a couple wraps of Kevlar thread.

Compared to my first build, this is now much cleaner. Pictures of the pod layout and the tail are attached.

AUW is 5.05 oz (143 g) with preliminary CG placement. Looking back at the build log, this is actually lighter than my first build, and I've got a bigger battery and no lead in the nose!

I'll re-maiden next weekend

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