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Originally Posted by greg harrison
.... on my glow engines i cant adjust them correctly i cant get the rpm they should be at. i can idle both realy low with no problem but above mid throt i have the problem they dont have the power. i put the 82 on my h-9 fokker d-7 and it would barely fly. the power 60 on 6s is better. i took it off and put it on the h-9 pawnee but i havnt flawn it yet. i am going to adjust on it some before i fly it. the booklet that came with the fg-20 explains how to adjust the carb better so after reading it again last night i feel better about it.
Greg , That power 60 is a lot bigger than the saito82 so to speak . It pumps over 2hp if its running over 1400 watts . The saito82 is 1.5hp . A guy in our club has the Fokker and has a YS120 in it and only needs 3ft of runway . It is a really nice plane but weights 9.5+ lbs . A 82 will fly it but in a more scale fashion and you'll use more runway .
Get a good tach to help you guys tune the saito good . Make sure the lowend screw is even or a wee bit below the surface of the throttle arm . Start on the topend with the screw out 3.5 turns and keep screwing it in till you find the peak RPM on your tach . If you go too far in on the top end the RPM's will drop off too and this is where your running lean and could burn up the motor if you fly it like this . So find the peak RPM on the topend screw and I then back it off 100-200RPM's .

After you get the topend right you can go the the low end .(note:never attempt to set the lowend before the top end is peaked out) .Here is where you find out if it will idle without dying yet still give quick transition to full throttle . Let it idle for 1-2min then hammer it to fullthrottle .

(For me this adj. was a little more difficult to learn . Both rich and lean slows the trasition . Rich on the lowend kinda girgles or sputers before picking up R's . Too lean you don't have the girgle or sputering but transition to full throttle is real slow . Too lean will also allow a lot lower idle rpm from what I have seen . )

After going to full throttle determine if it is rich or lean and adjust the lowend 1/8 of a turn at a time . Go to full throttle to clean it out and check that the top end is still set correctly . (Remember the topend and lowend needles work together somewhat so every time you adjust the lowend go back and check the topend ). Now go back to idle for a minute or two . Hammer the throttle again to check the transition . Repeat this till you have no hesitation from idle to full throttle . Idle RPM is pretty much detirmined by the prop size when properly tuned .

Note that every time you change prop size , plug type , fuel , or season changes you will need to re-tune settings . It looks like a lot to do but once you get it down and know what your hearing it is a non-event . I suggest finding someone at your club that has a bunch of saitos and have them take you to school . Don't give up .

If any of the Saito Guru's want to add to my instructions please feel free to do so .
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