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Hi Siri -

Well - I was back to working on my cat last night, and my initial feeling is the 65cm size might be a bit too small for a cat. Whereas your trimarans housed your gear in the center (wide) hull, the long, narrow beam-to-length ratios of a cat are presenting some interesting challenges.

I finished up the GWS drum winch, and my modified drum at just over 1 inch will fit the hull, but is a bit heavy - I probably have room for rudder servo and may have to put batteries and receiver in other hull in order to maintain balance. It looks to be a very tight fit.

I don't want to go too much smaller for sail winch, as I'm running in the 250 sq, in, hi-aspect ratio sail, so it is possible I may have to trash my ideas for hull mounted radio gear and resort to some sort of (ugly) central pod.

I really think that a 1 Meter size would provide the extra room and buoyancy without a doubt, but then I am moving back to my original 1 Meter and that is a pretty big boat!

As you start to bring a hull design together, let me know your thoughts - and what radio gear you think will fit. I know I can downsize, just not sure by how much. Heck - I just may decide to go with an extended arm on a small servo and live with it. Actually, do not need a full-out winch, as most downwind work is similar to beating - sails close hauled and seldom at 90 degrees to centerline of boat.

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