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I maidened my SR71 last weekend. Couldn't get off the ground on the first attempt so I added a few degrees of up sub trim for the second attempt. After a fairly long run (on tarmac) she lifted off and I flew a couple of circuits adding further up trim all the time to keep her level. I then reduced power to land and immediatly she dived almost vertical. In the short space of time I had before the inevitable crash I discovered there was no responce to the elevators so I applied full power again. She levelled just before hitting the ground, the u/c taking the full force of the impact and was dissplaced somewhat rearward. Apart from that there was no other damage.
I have fitted two zippy 2200 lightpower lipos in parrallel in the battery bax which was moved about 2 inches back. The Cof G worked out to be 16mm forward from the specified position of 78mm back from the front of the nacell which I considered at the time wouldn't make a great deal to the control response. At the moment I am blaming this forward CofG for what happened.
Have any of you fellows found the CofG position critical with this bird?
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