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Oh it flys so beautifully

Oh my goodness what a great plane
I have just returned from the first Sopwith Pup flight , rolled out tracking straight , lifted off , gained some height , made a small up trim adjustment to the elevator , and a small left adjustment trim to the rudder .
What a floater and slow flyer this Puo is !
Thank you Electrifly for my now , most favorite rc plane , it does fly as good as all the parts look from the start .
I am so happy and pleased , that I just am at a loss of words to fully explain just how great this Pup flys and looks !

My Pup details , CG balanced between the middle mark and the front mark , a hair nose heavy , a small hair that is too .
Battery on the first flight did not go 9 minutes , at half throttle , the flight time may increase maybe with use .
There was NO wind when I flew the Pup .
Everything assembled just as per the Electrifly Pup manual
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