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Tail.. some will like... some won't

I guess the tail rotor that runs whenever the lower blades are powered past about 1/4 throttle will be the usual point of debate. Personally I like it on the Dauphin and EC135 scale versions of the Lama 400 as it makes it look scale. Having it on the 400D isn't really my cup of tea so i de-soldered the wiring loom and removed the whole thing from my setup.

The brass weight inside the tail boom is a good 50mm long and fairly hefty. It is necessary to help smooth out the tail yaw motion. I tried it without it fitted and any slight twitching in the tail was now quite obvious. I did however cut the boom short by 40mm shortening the overall helos length. This may need to be played with a bit along with altering the balance weight position and/or size.

I trimmed the brass flybar weights so along with the plastic covers they are about 1.5 grams lighter coming in at 5.5 grams each. As for flybar length, I have a second on order and don't want to cut it up until I have a fallback should I go to far.

No more flying for a few days on 400D as I speared it in from about 30 feet at a reasonable speed. Not the helos fault, all mine got too cocky doing runs between trees and other solid features. The good news is the only damage was a minor paint crack in the canopy and two broken blades. The 450 skids did exactly what they should have done.. they flexed and absorbed a lot of the impact. If nothing else the T-Rex 450ME/AE/SE plastic skids are worth doing.

The cam got detached and flung over a meter on the grass and is also perfectly un-damaged. If you are looking for a cam I'd recommend the Flycamone2 or the MD80, just depends on your preference on size and the need for a pivoting head. Picture quality is very good on both. I like the flycamone2 due to the way the mount works. Don't listen too the bad reports about upgrade firmware not working. Look on the back of the camera head. If there is a Chinese character and a small sticker with "A" and a number you need to get the correct download version directly from the flycamone European site. Also remember to remove the blue plastic protector from the lens. Don't laugh I have read reviews where people have said the pic is dark and bitched and moaned about the money they wasted blah blah blah. When informed about the plastic it's funny how they just disappear and not another word is said

I'm still finishing the airbrushing on the canopy to soften up the features and will probably shamelessly ghost the walkera "W" in a pale color either side and put a couple of flycam logos on it as well. Other than that it's time for more tweaking and fine tuning (when my blades turn up). Feel free to add to this thread.

I'm stoked with this CX, it is just plain good fun to fly and looking pretty durable. I had a look at the brushes on the motors and they are not thin foil and appear to actually have carbon blocks. I will eventually confirm this.

So it's back to the CF replacement upper and lower frame for the 5#10 for now to stop that pretty shiny aluminum from bending and chewing out gears.
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