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New Control Throw Measurements

All Hail the Originator!

Hey Stuka, we commandeered your thread, it seemed like a good place to compare notes. D, we finally have some company! These measurements are current and are influenced by the rate and expo settings, which are posted on the previous page. The thing is flying OK now, as easy or easier than its other squadron mates. I'm using the mix method for DX6i found here post#35 -

CG is 78mm back from the front lip of the nacelles
Bonus Measurement - Lever Arm Lengths:
Servo arm screw center to clevis pin - 12mm
Bottom surface of elevator to clevis pin - 13mm

The static reference is still the top surface of the rear and outermost tip of the wing, dynamic reference the point at the very back of the elevator. (Example: Top of the wing tip 60mm above bench, rear tip of taileron 65mm above bench... 65-60 =+5mm). Trims are centered.

Neutral stick: +5mm
Full Up stick: +27mm
Full down stick: -15mm
Full L/R stick: +15/-8mm

Probably best to match the 5mm up deflection carefully, the rest ballpark is probably OK. Can't guarantee results, but mine is flying very controllably over 15 flights or so, and I'm a so so pilot sober.

Not sure what you mean on ailerons travel. '+15mm up / 0mm down full right stick or full left stick." No down ward deflection of ailerons on opposite side?
At the time of that earlier batch of measurements, that is what it was, not sure how or why. Mechanical differential? Did something odd in Tx setup?

PS This is weird, but after launch you might need a little up trim
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