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Originally Posted by dLdV
Good score on the F-16. I paid $40 more for the Kyosho 55mm Falcon, 60cm/24in. span, receiver ready . The plane flies nicely though, very stable, smooth and predictable. Foolishly low passes, not a real barn burner but not slow either. The tailerons barely move on that one. Not bad for such a small plane. First EDF for me, though I had some pusher jet experience. Blackbird is EDF #2.

Took some measurements of control surface deflections. Thanks for the suggestion, I need a starting reference too, still tinkering with setup. The measurements are distance rather than angle due to too lazy to devise an appropriate method of measuring. Could measure elevon width and Pythagoros it, but too lazy for that too. Sticking to single rate due to don't know any better.

The static reference point is the top surface of the rearmost and outermost part of the wing. The dynamic reference is the center of the rearmost point of the elevons.

+5mm up with controls neutral, both surfaces

+15mm up / 0mm down full right stick or full left stick. Most of the movement is when the stick is well over to the side, I'm using positive expo, which should dampen the response near neutral stick if I'm understanding the ing DX6i manual.

+27mm full up stick

-20mm full down stick

I still find it twitchy on roll axis in crosswind, considering dialing in more expo. It seems to need a lot of up in turns at times, I think its because our field is only W=150 meters X L<=300 meters, dimensions courtesy of Google Maps. Subtract from the width parking, the flight line, and keeping the plane a few meters in front of you - the plane has to turn about in 120 meters or so. It likes to drop the nose a good deal in certain conditions. Its not hard to deal with, it just wants a buttload of up.

The inlet cones are in storage til winter. The grass keeps snatching em out. The grass was mowed 2 days before this pic, before that it had been a month. So til autumn, its very little with wheels, nothing with odd protrusions.

Hope to hear more flight reports. Its interesting to compare notes, e.g. after much tinkering and figgering, this settled out to pretty much the same power system as your stock version.

Finally, (sigh of relief from the audience) after reading way too many posts about this airplane, roll axis seems to be a factor in a lot of crashes.

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Not sure what you mean on ailerons travel. '+15mm up / 0mm down full right stick or full left stick." No down ward deflection of ailerons on opposite side?
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