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Originally Posted by dghutt
Hi Renns - I'm really pleased you enjoyed yourself in Nova Scotia last week. This week is looking a fair bit wetter -- I think you picked your dates just right. Are you nearby?

Regarding my Palm V - transmitter project, I plan to post pictures and an account of the whole works once it's finished and working. The instructions on this thread are excellent but I'm an electronics hack. I know how to solder and how to follow a basic schematic, but if you ask me why the integrated circuit needs a polarized capacitor of no less than .1 microfarads on pin 16, well, I'm going to glaze over like you just did. I'm guessing there are others like me following this thread, so once it's working I intend to post instructions from that perspective.

Regarding the cord, I found an old PS2 extension cord in a box (don't know where I got it or why I still had it), and all 4 necessary pins were properly wired. I'm now using it, although sounds like a dollarstore s-video cable would have been a more elegant solution.

The thin Palm V modem offers limited space around the plug for the wires, but otherwise seems like it will work really well. I was able to cannibalize capacitors off the circuitboard for use with the max232 IC. The modem operated on 2 AAA's so I'm putting my circuit inside the battery compartment and leaving everything else intact. The pins on the Palm plug are numbered on the modem's board, which is handy. Pictures will follow.

At this point my circuit is not working though, and I'm not sure why. I have more troubleshooting to do, but for some reason the PalmTX.prc app is not seeing the connected transmitter. My voltmeter suggests a clue: the radio is only delivering 2.1 volts to the IC, although I'm getting 5.2v at the radio's "trainer" outlet, so I think something is backwards or mis-wired. I'll report here if further investigation doesn't get me anywhere.

I had to reverse the tx and rx wires after following this diagram.

The problem I had with the svideo cables I had was the lack of a connection to the metal plug on the outside.
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