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Ditto, on Hyperions ROCK............

I run the new Zs3020-8 in my Outlaw ARF from Extreme flight. I run 6s and a Graupner G-force 9X8 prop, it is 102a, 2100watts, 20K+rpms static. The motor is less than 120 deg F, and the batteries get up in the 140+ deg F.

My flying buddy has exhausted getting a Scorpion to hold together and equal my Hyperion setup in an Outlaw. A Big online brushless motor guru has written off Scorpions as a Bust given this experiment as well. The beauty of the Hyperion design IS the prop shaft adapter for the end bell, Thus the reported "SOFT" shaft is in the rear and can be properly supported in an X motor PLUS an additional bearing Xmount and it is ROCK solid.

I just flew AMA RCCombat NATS in SSC class, I ran Hyperion Zs3014-12 it turns the spec 8X3 prop @ 20K rpms, 6s. Using a 40 Exceed in governor mode I was rock solid locked in on tach readings of the legal limit 17.5K rpms. Nitros could'nt even come close to this using the slimmmer .15 Using the additional bearing X mount I had full throttle dirt naps and multiple mid airs. I built 2 models and used one for 8 rounds and the second for 2 total ten rounds of combat action, and sold them onsite afterwards with no damage motors what so ever. a few battle scars on the airframe however.

I just rigged the Zs3009-20 in an Extreme Flight Profile Eyak, WOW, plane came out 39oz RTF and the motor is running a Graupner CAM prop 12X4 on 4s 43a. Awesome speed and power envelope.

I cant wait to hook up with Chris H. to fly it, He told me that the Hyperions were manufactured in the same plant as TORQ/Hacker motors. Confirm/deny???

When you put the additional X mount with a bearing on the shaft in rear, and the bell mount prop shaft there is nothing out there that can touch a Hyperion in every spec..... bare none.........
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